Right Direction

I have some positive news to report. Had my eye scan results and the tumour has shrunk in size which means the proton beam radiotherapy has worked. My consultant is pleased with the outcome and the fact that my eye sight has not deteriorated further is a miracle.

Next monitoring tests are on 30 Aug and 25 Sep with my oncologist then it’s yearly check ups.

I’m so relived, its been an exhausting few months but an experience I will never forget.

I want to thank everyone that has been a part of my journey and the support everyone has shown.

Next week Monday I start my new job. It’s temporary position for 6 Months but at least it’s a start and a new beginning for me.


Monitoring Tests

Well here I am again updating my blog .. If I say not much has happened since Christmas I would be lying ! It has been a strange eventful year, full of surprises – don’t want to bore everyone with the details but its has been a mission to stay positive. …….

The main thing is my eye sight is stable, I even noticed improvements! Few months ago it was a challenge even applying eye make up!

In the next few weeks I’ll find out if the Proton Beams has worked. Can’t believe its been 5 Months already! Scary! Had bloods tests and an examination last Monday. I appear to be fit! Seeing my oncologist at Cromwell Hospital tomorrow for my blood results and a CT scan to check my liver function. Then on 5 April I have my actual eye scan at Moorfields to check if the tumour is killed!

I’ll update everyone soon with my good news !

Follow up Appointment – Update

Little update from my last weeks appointment. It was all very positive!

After having my eye examined, Dr. Sagoo advised me that my retina was reattaching and the swelling had disappeared. The retinal fluid had stopped leaking and my vision was better than the previous test! All these indicate that possibly the treatment was successful. However, my first monitoring scan is in March which will reveal the real results and I’ll be awarded my ALL CLEAR certificate! So cross fingers and toes! I was also pleased to find out that according to a recent research in America, with small melanomas there is a lower risk of spread to the liver, about 10-15% which is normal for everyone. So again I was lucky that it was caught early.

Just thinking back it’s not even been a month since being zapped by the proton beams and I wanted to erase it completely from memory but that would be denial. This has been a positive experience for me to value life and cherish the most important matters. Not dwell on past and move forward, always.

Follow up Appointment

Well guys ! It’s seems like ages since I last posted.

I’ve been occupying myself between London and Canterbury. Looking for jobs, visiting friends and family. Organising things at home, sorting out drawers and getting rid of clatter. I make sure I’m doing something all the time! My focus is now on Christmas and the New Years. I like it well organised and easy when the season eventually rolls. I look forward it all year.

My vision hasn’t been great but I’m making the most of it for now. There are times I don’t even notice it, especially when I’m fully occupied and times when its so annoying.

I’m on my way to the hospital today for my follow up appointment. I have a thousand questions in my mind! I’m anxious to find out the results and if the treatment was a success. I know have to be patient, its going to take several months before I find out. I’m trying to be optimistic and dismiss any negative thoughts . Then off to my favourite city! Liverpool…

Sods Law!

Just a little update on my day. My husband treated me as he always does! Bought myself a lovely dress. Not for tonight as I’ve got a really nice black silk dress.

Had threading, upper lip only’. Found an excellent nail shop (mediterranean style) however had bit of an accident. They nearly poked my EYE when a piece of artificial nail flew across the room and hit my LEFT eye! I wasn’t hurt luckily but I did panic a little. Accidents happen! Getting ready for my night out with my hubby so looking forward to it!

Finally Over!

It’s all over ! I even got a smiley face for being so well behaved. Sat on the electric chair, eye lids stretched, mask on, one X-ray and 30 seconds all done. Said my byes .. I’ll make a point to send them a ‘thank you’ card for looking after me so well. They were all so lovely!

I feel relaxed but with mixed feelings I’m happy it’s all over and I can move forward .. But sad I don’t know if the cancer is killed. It’s all now a waiting game.

Back in the hotel room resting for a while before we plan the rest of our day.

Last Day of Radiotherapy !

The day has finally arrived for me to say farewell treatment room thats looks like a very clean 1940’s sci-fi torture chamber!

It’s going to be my last time I’m seated in that metal chair which reminds me of a home-made equipment put together 50 years ago!

I woke this morning feeling very fresh and full of energy. Pick up at 1030am. Not long to go before I say bye bye Proton Gun. Forever..